Brändi Dog
The Cult Game

from Switzerland.
Let the dogs out of the kennel!

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Brändi Dog XS
Travel Game

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Brändi Dog XL
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For young and old.

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Kings Dog

the game edition for the Kings among you,
crafted from walnut.

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Brändi Dog Game - The Cult Game from Switzerland

The board game that addicts you!

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Brändi Dog - The Cult Game from Switzerland

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Brändi Dog is an exciting board game with a huge fun factor, played in teams and with Bridge cards. It has similarities to "Eile mit Weile" but is much more varied due to the tactical elements.

You are supported by your teammate and "sent home" by the opposing team. The drawn cards determine how you progress in the game. The card values can be distributed between moves or team members.

The winner is the team that plays skillfully together and gets the marbles to the finish line first.

The well-crafted wooden elements are easy to transport and can be easily assembled into a beautiful game board.

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The Game Features
Playing with the whole family

In the game, players form 2-player teams and sit opposite each other at the game board. In each round, a varying number of game cards are dealt. Before the start of each round, a card is exchanged secretly with the partner.

By playing the right card, the dogs can leave the kennel and move towards the goal. The starting point must be passed at least twice by making a full round or moving backward over it. After that, the game pieces can fill the target spaces.

Team Play*
*Editor's opinion. (For games with 4 or 6 players.)

Or the Brändi-Dog
XL Version

For all those who like it big!

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The Stylish Edition
Brändi Kings Dog

For all those who appreciate elegance!

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Brändi Dog because
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The Travel Version
Brändi-Dog XS

For all those who want to play on the go!

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