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Questions about the rules of the game:

Answer: "You can download the instructions from the download section or view the online version"
Go to Instructions / Rules .

Answer: "With the Jack (Joker), you must exchange one of your own marbles with one from the opponent or partner, but it must not be on the starting field or in the goal."

Answer: "With the Joker, you can replace any existing card. In your example, you can choose the card 4 with the Joker and thus move backward by 4 spaces."

Answer: "Yes, exactly. With the Seven, you can make your opponent sweat by making them take an additional turn."

Answer: "Cards are always drawn hidden/blind. I assume you will draw a good card anyway ☺."

Answer: "Each marble must pass the starting field twice before entering the goal area. So, if you have already passed the starting field once and with the next move, pass it for the second time, you can directly enter the goal field."

Answer: "No, you must always play a card when you can. Therefore, in your case, you must complete the round again."

Answer: "You must always play a card when you can. This may also result in having to complete another round."

Because we Brändi Dog

Questions about the Product:

Answer: "Yes - the Brändi Dog is made of wood (game board).

Answer: The extensions have the following dimensions:

  • Brändi Dog Standard: Board size: approx. 166 x 128 x 4 mm each
  • Brändi Dog XL: Board size: approx. 250 x 190 x 14 mm each

Answer: The box of the base version is designed to easily fit the 6-player extension. If you also want to store the Plus version in the box, it's also possible, but the lid won't go all the way down.

Answer: Yes, of course, you can also play the game without the Plus versions. You do not need any extra cards for the Plus versions! :) The Plus versions are only an expansion of the game board with additional rules.

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