Brändi Dog XL

The Large Version - Fun for the Whole Family.

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Brändi Dog XL
The Large Edition - The Ideal Family Game

The successful Brändi Dog game is also available in the XL version.

The game board with its elegant cherry wood design is visually stunning and fits perfectly in any living room. The extra-large marbles guarantee double the fun. The individual segments of the game board are held together by a clever magnetism. Brändi Dog is an exciting board game with long-term motivation, played in teams and with Bridge cards. It has similarities to "Eile mit Weile" (Haste with Caution) but is much more varied due to the tactical elements. Players are supported by their teammates and can be "sent home" by the opposing team. The drawn cards determine how to proceed. The card values can be distributed among moves or teammates.

The winner is the team that collaborates skillfully and brings the marbles to the finish line first. The neatly crafted cherry veneered plywood elements are easy to transport and can be easily assembled into a beautiful game board.


Attention! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard due to small parts that can be swallowed.

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Contents and Material

  • 1 x Game box
  • 1 x Wooden game board, approx. Ø 64 x 1.4 cm
  • 24 x Marbles
  • 1 x Cloth bag for game pieces
  • 1 x Game instructions
  • 1 x Set of BrändiDog game cards (The set consists of 2 decks of 55 cards each)


Brändi Dog Spielregeln

Brändi Dog XL

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Brändi Kings Dog

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Brändi-Dog XS

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Brändi Dog

The production at the Brändi Foundation for people with disabilities.


Brändi Dog

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